About Our Independent Hotel in Freeport, Maine

The Casco Bay Inn is a family-owned and operated hotel. Robin and I had been guests at the hotel for approximately 15 years prior to purchasing the hotel from the Gardiners in January of 2016. One of the main reasons that we purchased the hotel was because we loved the atmosphere and the ambiance. Our goal has been to keep it the same as it has always been with small improvements and updates along the way.

We are considered a hotel, but we operate more like a bed and breakfast. Like most B&B’s, we do not have an elevator. We will, upon request, carry a guest’s luggage to the 2nd floor for them. Also, our lobby and front desk are closed during the overnight hours. There is always someone on call to assist during those hours that we are closed.

We consider the hotel to be our home since we do live on premises and want each guest to feel as if they are sharing our home with us. We do close our lobby at 10:00 p.m. (11:00 p.m. during peak season) but always have a staff person on call to assist our guests. We have been working to make improvements as time and money allow and hope that our guests take notice and offer feedback on the upgrades that we have made.

Just as a note, we do have a beautiful small German Shepard named Ziva, who is always willing and excited to greet our guests. She is a friendly and loving member of our family.